ERP & Enterprise Software Selection

As ERP & Enterprise Software experts, LTA has over 20 years of proven experience as a truly independent consulting resource to help you find the best fit for your business. From ERP & Enterprise Software Planning to Software Assessment, to Software Selection to Implementation through Post Implementation support, LTA is here to help you with your enterprise software needs.  At LTA, we manage these projects as a “Business Transformation” project, not just an IT project. We help you get the business results expected from a new system.

Our Approach

LTA helps companies with the entire ERP and Enterprise Software selection or optimization project, from initial planning through post-implementation support. Whether you want to engage us for the entire project lifecycle, or just the areas you need us, our proven methodologies and customer successes will provide significant value to your ERP project.

1. Enterprise Software Planning/Budgeting – We help you create a business case, project plan, or budget for an Enterprise Software project. Click here for more info.

2. Current Enterprise Software Assessment – We assess your current enterprise software solution and environment, identify process improvement opportunities, or help you make a “go or no-go” decision for a new enterprise software solution. Click here for more info.

3. Enterprise Software Selection – Our truly independent (no vendor relationships/partnerships) selection process and hundreds of successful ERP and other enterprise software selections make us a valued partner. Click here for more info.

4. Enterprise Software Implementation – We have successfully managed hundreds of Enterprise software implementations via our Active Project Management (APM) process. Click here for more details.

5. Post Implementation Support – Software implementations do not end at “Go Live”. Our Organizational Change and Training Services will make sure you get the desired business results. Click here for more details.

Why Partner With LTA for Your Enterprise Software Project?

  • We have over 22 years of expertise in hundreds enterprise software projects including ERP, WMS, CRM, Financial, and numerous other enterprise software systems.
  • Our consultant’s (all W-2 employees) have over 20+ years’ experience in Enterprise Software assessment and selections system and Business Process Re-Engineering projects.
  • We have numerous customer references who will tell our story of success.
  • We reduce the risk of selecting a system that does not match business goals & objectives
  • We validate ERP recommendations with objective analysis
  • We improve cost and time estimates for the planning process
  • We ensure ERP implementation partners follow a consistent, independent & objective process
  • We increase employee participation and buy-in/user acceptance

Key Factors For Enterprise Software Project Success:

The following are some key objectives to ensure a successful Enterprise Software project:

  • Create a strategic plan, including key business drivers, for why change is needed
  • Determine key and unique business functions
  • Determine the potential ERP solutions to consider
  • Determine the total investment for each alternative considered
  • Determine the best deployment alternative (local, hosted, SaaS, etc.)
  • Determine the best solutions for the business
  • Determine the appropriate implementation timeframe
  • Determine how the selected solution will fit with other existing systems
  • Determine what process improvement, training, and other resources will be required
  • Determine how we mitigate risk and ensure success
  • Determine what support will be required after the implementation

Organizational Change Management

The lack of a strategic Organizational Change Management plan is one of the top reasons why enterprise software implementations fail. Top industry researchers, including Gartner and others, have surveyed many companies over the years with the same results: If you do not manage the Organizational Change associated with a software implementation, your chance of success is less than 50%, and even lower in some studies. 

Project Rescue

Our detailed rescue plan will get your ERP project back on track. We will work with you to assess your current status, establish an action plan on how to make the project successful, and work with you to ensure your system is the best fit for you, and you are getting the most out of your business processes.

Active Project Management

The success of your ERP implementation is critical to the long-term success of your company. LTA can work with you and the selected Software Provider or Value Added Reseller (VAR) to create a realistic and achievable implementation plan. Using LTA as your ERP Project Management partner will help ensure the successful completion of your project, on scope, on time, and on budget.

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