Business Process Reengineering and Execution

Good business is anchored by good processes. Inefficient methods hinder productivity and performance, while an expertly engineered approach delivers efficiency and high-quality results. LTA’s advisors treat process design as both an art and a science, balancing strategic goals with operational elegance. We empower you with the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Process reengineering is the analysis and redesign of workflow within enterprises.

Our Approach – Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

LTA will help guide you through the BPR process. This is the opportunity to build quality and flexibility in your business processes. The quality is determined by performance to requirements. It will help you develop and maintain documentation on business processes which will allow you to facilitate continuous improvement of processes and practices. The ultimate goal of BPR is to align people, process, and technology as well as to fully implement the capabilities and functionality of your ERP solution. LTA will also help minimize “outside” systems and processes and help you set your foundation for scalability.




How We Do It – BPR

LTA will help you with a series of facilitated sessions with your cross-functional project team and specific subject matter experts. During the sessions we will help you define and document current state business processes and Identify and document future state business processes

Workshops are scheduled in five to six-hour increments and typically occur three to four days per week. The workshop agendas are customized according to functional business areas. Your company will review and approve all future-state processes.

Why Companies Call LTA to Manage BPR Projects

  • Processes take too long/are inefficient
  • Processes are cross-departmental but communication breaks down
  • Little or no documentation on business processes
  • Processes cost too much or take too long
  • Want to imrpove quality of business processes
LTA delivered everything they promised us and found the perfect solution to our business’ system needs.  They were great to work with and guided us through the ERP evaluation process smoothly, on time, and on budget. National Plastics and Seals, Inc.

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