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We offer a comprehensive selection of business operations and services focused on information and process management to optimize your performance through technology.

Business Systems & ERP Selection

Whether it’s an ERP, WMS or CRM system, the system selection and implementation can be an immense, complex undertaking. However, few other projects can deliver such a positive, lasting impact on the operation of your business. LTA researches every relevant aspect of your organization, from company mission and structure to technology infrastructure. We help you find the best fit.

Business Process Reengineering

Good business is anchored by good processes. Inefficient methods hinder productivity and performance, while an expertly engineered approach delivers efficiency and high-quality results. LTA’s advisors treat process design as both an art and a science, balancing strategic goals with operational elegance. We empower you with the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Business Strategy & IT Management

During growth and transitions, LTA provides leadership to manage the labyrinth of IT governance, systems integration, technology architecture, and cloud strategy . Our holistic approach considers information flow throughout the entire company, planning for present-day needs and anticipating future needs with an eye towards emerging technology.

Program and Project Management

Projects that unfold without effective controls and planning take more than twice as long to complete, and cost almost twice as much. What’s more, a recent study of Fortune 500 companies found that 60% of projects don’t deliver the expected results and 85% go over budget. LTA’s management consultants help you move forward to ensure your project is on time, on budget and on the right track.

Ecommerce Platform Selection

Whether you are just starting your ecommerce journey or trying to elevate your current program, LTA can help you select and implement the right platform for your business. We understand how your unique business requirements play a significant role in choosing the best software fit. Achieving your ecommerce potential involves many factors. Starting with the right platform is the critical first step. LTA will guide you through our proven process to make the best choices for your business.

Digital Transformation

Every business is facing the challenge of meeting the ever increasing expectations of their customers and partners. The people you do business with want to be able to do everything online and they expect a fast, personalized experience. LTA can help you leap ahead of the competition by creating a digital transformation roadmap, selecting the right tools for your business and executing your strategy. LTA doesn’t just help you catch up. We help you innovate and take the leadership position in your industry.

Interim CIO/CTO

The business of IT is challenging. Many companies face an overwhelming number of issues that merit attention and often have too few resources to get everything done at the “speed of Business.” If your organization has a gap in its technology leadership or just need another set of eyes on critical projects, LTA can provide experienced resources to lend a hand. Our world-class technology leaders will evaluate your systems and internal skills, create better processes and help your organization align on the highest value priorities. We perform this critical function while you take the time to find the best long term fit for your leadership team.

Transaction Advisory Services

Whether you’re buying or selling, integrating two separate entities, or carving one out from an existing organization, LTA provides objective advice before and after close, without the restrictions by SEC/ AICPA regulations. Our professionals have worked throughout the United States and overseas to reduce CAPEX/OPEX, reduce investment risk, and optimize target price.

ERP Project Rescue

By definition, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects affect an entire enterprise. Benefits are high, there is no guarantee for success, and far too many fail before the system is turned on. LTA can help you avoid costly pitfalls and help put your ERP project on the road to success. We’ll give you a detailed rescue plan, or if continuing isn’t an option, we’ll give you options that will work.

Organizational Change Management

The Organizational Change Management (OCM) approach in ERP projects is unique and requires a methodology to integrate and align people, process, culture and strategy to support technology. The method developed and employed by LTA is a systematic approach that mitigates risks, is actionable and process driven, and is specifically designed to accelerate ROI within ERP initiatives.


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