About Us

Our Mission

At LTA, we pride ourselves on being true advisors and full business partners. Our team of full-time, experienced ERP experts is 100% independent, allowing us to give you unbiased advice based on the realities of your business. No technobabble, no MBA-speak, just putting our clients first so we can help them do business better.

Our Executive Team

Joel C. Schneider

Joel C. Schneider

Joe Nordstrom

Joe Nordstrom
Director of ERP Business Consulting

John M. Turcich, Jr.

John M. Turcich, Jr.
Senior Consultant

Brian Potts
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Craig A. Smith

Craig A. Smith
Market Development Manager

John W. Berglind
Vice President, Director of Business Process Reengineering


Randy Mohrbacher

Randy Mohrbacher
Director of Technology Services

David Bennett

Ray Wilson
Digital Transformation Senior Consultant

Brad Robinson
Marketing Specialist

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller
Director of Business Performance Advisory

Rich Farrell
Senior Consultant

Nick Marsit
Cyber Security Specialist

Amy Schneider

Our Clients

We are proud of our history of successfully working hand-in-hand with clients in a variety of industries. LTA’s personalized attention ensures that each client receives a plan created and customized toward that organization’s individual needs, timeline and budget.

LTA has experience working with clients from a variety of industries including:

  • Manufacturers/Distributors
  • Consumer Products
  • Health Care
  • Financial/Professional Services
  • Media/Publishing
  • Non-Profits

LTA Clients

Social Responsibility

LTA’s corporate belief is that giving back to our communities builds connections that improve the quality of life for everyone. As part of this charitable community connection initiative, LTA is proud to support the following charities we know are of special interest to our employees:

Liberty Technology Advisors, Inc.


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Northbrook, IL 60062